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At Volvo Cars, we are always looking for world-class leaders who bring out the best in our people. If you want to be part of leading and inspiring our mission to change the automotive experience and make people’s lives less complicated, then we have the job for you.

At Volvo Cars, we are seeking exceptional Enterprise Architects (EAs) who will play a pivotal role in advancing our business and technology domains. This critical position encompasses two distinct profiles: Enterprise Domain Architect and Enterprise Technology Architect. As an EA in the Digital Core Architecture team, you will focus on either of these profiles based on your expertise and passion, ensuring a profound impact on Volvo Cars Group.

What you'll do

Enterprise Domain Architect
As an Enterprise Domain Architect, your primary responsibility will be to define and continually refine the architecture within specific business domains, such as Finance, Supply Chain, or Commercial. You will be the mastermind behind identifying key technical components, systems, and initiatives that shape the domain's landscape. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, you will ensure that solutions align seamlessly with our overarching enterprise architecture, driving business success.
Enterprise Technology Architect
Alternatively, as an Enterprise Technology Architect, your focus will be on shaping the technological landscape of Volvo Cars. You will define and maintain technology architecture, guide the development of solutions, and uphold central technology standards across various business domains. Your deep understanding of strategic objectives will allow you to align technology choices with broader enterprise strategy, fostering innovation and setting new standards for excellence.
Regardless of your chosen EA profile, your impact will stem from the following behaviors:
Your impact will stem from a set of well-honed behaviors:
• Critical Review and Alignment: You will critically assess and prioritize initiatives across domains, always ensuring they mirror our organizational objectives.
• Dependency Mitigation: You'll expertly identify and alleviate interdependencies among initiatives, preemptively warding off disruptions and streamlining project delivery.
• Urgency and Strategic Cohesion: Instill a sense of urgency and strategic alignment throughout the organization, reinforcing a culture that's both goal-oriented and unified.
• Risk Management and Adaptability: Navigate risk, change, and uncertainty deftly in the realm of technology initiatives, adapting and steering the ship as needed.
• Informed Decision-Making: Make well-informed decisions even in dynamic scenarios, balancing cost and value to propel timely progress.
• Commitment Oversight: Oversee the organization-wide commitments to technology, tracking progress and ensuring successful outcomes.
• Stakeholder Alignment: Clearly delineate expectations among internal and external stakeholders involved in technology projects.
• Economic Thinking: Infuse economic thinking into the decision-making process, promoting resource efficiency and smart allocation.

You'll demonstrate exceptional leadership by:
• Ownership and Accountability: Assume ownership of decisions made across the business and technology domains, and hold yourself accountable for their outcomes.
• Bias Awareness and Accountability: Heighten awareness around biases' impact on decisions and ensure accountability across your teams.
• Ambiguity Mastery: Skillfully navigate ambiguity, assisting peers and stakeholders in forging paths forward by formulating and validating hypotheses.
• Cultivating Collaboration: Foster a culture of constructive conversation across teams, ensuring alignment and cross-pollination of ideas.
• Driving Improvements: Champion improvements in practices and processes, helping to elevate the organization's technological capabilities.
• Mentorship Elevation: Serve as a mentor to mentors, nurturing the growth and development of talent within the organization.
• Knowledge Sharing Advocate: Cultivate a culture of documentation and knowledge exchange within your team and with business stakeholders, setting an example for others to follow.

Your influence will resonate across different aspects:
• Holistic Domain Understanding: Possess an intimate grasp of all adjacent teams' domains and their contributions to our overarching business strategy.
• Capability Creation: Collaborate with product teams to craft new capabilities that resonate with our strategic objectives.
• Roadmap Refinement: Contribute to the refinement of roadmaps across teams, ensuring they remain aligned with our collective goals.
• Strategic Decision Involvement: Participate in decisions and plans shaping our organization's engineering strategy, leading cross-team initiatives toward alignment on major objectives.
• Strategic Focus: Intentionally direct your efforts toward areas that wield the most impact on our overarching business goals.

What you'll bring

You are experienced in developing target architectures for complex Digital Solutions. Based on your strong communication and collaboration skills, helping Volvo Cars development teams create and maintaining successful solutions underpinning our Business objectives.
Knowledge in areas like Cloud Native architecture, capability mapping, the value of architecture principles and how they help organizations is key for you to succeed. Your skills also cover working with governance models to create guard-rails, and you have an understanding of the impact of new business models. A great interest, experience and good understanding of areas like architecture patterns, distributed architecture, scalability, identity management, cyber security, and data privacy, and other common components of the end-to-end architecture are also important.
In this all-encompassing role, you'll be the bridge between business aspirations and technological evolution, orchestrating a symphony of innovation that propels Volvo Cars toward new heights of success.

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Role is open to be based out from Stockholm or Gothenburg
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