Engineer, Supplier Quality

Job Description:The Supplier Quality Engineer is responsible for the quality assurance of parts that are supplied to Mazda and the MTMUS (Mazda Toyota Manufacturing U.S.) plant. Will oversee the organizations manufacturing and engineering process by ensuring the proper use of tools, materials, and procedures. In addition, will create and maintain standards for MNAO products. Creates and presents quality reports that analyze internal and external quality standards. Evaluates customer feedback to identify potential flaws in the manufactured products and implement changes when necessary. Works with suppliers to make sure all of the components and raw materials meet MNAO’s quality standards.

The Supplier Quality Engineer assures that the part quality satisfies the design specifications and expectations by utilizing their experience in quality, manufacturing, engineering, financial and regulatory knowledge. Resolve quality concerns through the investigations and the manufacturing process review and/or audits. Strives to improve supplier quality systems through system audits. Responsible for administration and enforcement of Quality Operating System (QOS) processes used within MNAO and Mazda manufacturing affiliates.

Application of Mazda Quality Standard Requirements for Suppliers (QRS) 20%

  • Promotes and applies procedures outlined in the Mazda Quality Requirements for Supplier (QRS) manual.
  • Executes Mazda QRS training to ensure that the supplier has a thorough understanding of Mazda’s quality requirements and expectations.
  • Trains, assists, and supports suppliers to maintain proper compliance of Mazda QRS for all production stages (pre-production through mass-production).

Manufacturing Site Assessment (MSA) 20%

  • Performs Mazda System Assessment (MSA) audits to ensure the Quality Operating Systems (QOS) is effective on all potential supplier contenders and makes recommendations in line with Mazda requirements and development needs.
  • Performs Mazda MSA audits on current suppliers to ensure quality expectations are met.
  • Provides feedback and reports audit results to Mazda groups/departments for supplier selection process.

New Parts Launch and Change Control (APQP & PPAP) 20%

  • Project Management Tracking: Monitors progress (QRS APQP Tracking Sheet) of schedules, objectives, and targets for development and continuous improvements implementation. Reports results to applicable Mazda departments and takes appropriate recovery actions when progress/objectives are not achieved.
  • As a part of the Cross-functional Team (CFT), collaborates with suppliers and Mazda Engineers during design reviews to ensure the design is appropriate for manufacturability and assembly.
  • Reviews design drawings / component drawings / engineering standards to properly address Critical (CC) and Significant (SC) characteristics.
  • Reviews high impact characteristics for correct dimensions to ensure manufacturing, processing, measuring, and testing are feasible.  
  • Performs production readiness assessment process audits (PPAP reviews) at suppliers manufacturing facilities.
  • Reports assessment readiness status results and identifies any deficiencies, corrective action plans.
  • Supplier Production Readiness: Conducts on-site manufacturing trial run process reviews to assess supplier manufacturing capabilities and quality systems effectiveness. Reports results and corrective actions to be implemented.
  • Trains, supports, and assists suppliers to effectively execute Mazda QRS, APQP, PSD, and PPAP activities.
  • Promotes and implements the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) with added safety margins in an effort to reduce process variables for achieving and maintaining process control.

Corrective Actions and Continuous Product Improvement 20%

  • Trains, supports, and assists supplier corrective actions and continuous improvement activities for effective and timely resolutions.
  • Initiates and tracks corrective actions using 8D reports.  Identifies both “root cause” and “systemic root cause” to drive systems and manufacturing processes improvements using tangible objective evidence (statistical data) to prioritize actions.
  • Supports and assist Mazda production assembly plants for rejection notices, defect information, corrective actions, continuous improvement activities and warranty concerns to prevent reoccurrence.   
  • Uses Lean Quality and PDCA (Plan Do Check Action) tools to optimize on-going process efficiency and effectiveness.

Supplier Improvement 20%

  • Identifies focus suppliers and conducts continuous improvement activities.
  • Negotiates with suppliers to initiate investigations and supports resolving warranty issues through corrective action activities.

Qualifications and Other Requirements:

Required Experience:

  • 2 - 4+ years of experience in manufacturing, quality assurance, quality engineering, quality control, or another related field
  • Microsoft Office proficiency
  • Production process audit experience
  • Experience with Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Project management
  • Technical training and presentation skills
  • Effective communication, both written and verbal
  • Experience reading and writing technical reports
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking using logic, reason, creative and strategic thinking
  • Strong negotiation skills


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Quality Assurance, or another related field is preferred.  Equivalent work experience may be substituted in lieu of degree (Bachelor’s Degree working equivalent = 4 years).

Preferred Experience:

  • Bilingual (English /Japanese or English/Spanish)
  • Automotive experience highly desired, preferably from another OEM.
  • Manufacturing process and quality system audit experience
  • IATF16949quality system requirements
  • 8D Team Problem Solving 
  • 6 Sigma Problem Solving
  • Database skills such as Access, Mini-tab and/or Business Objects
  • Quality Operating System (QOS)
  • Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T)
  • Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Evaluating and writing Control Plan (CP) documents
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)


  • Monthly domestic travel will be required.

Come work with us at our exciting new facility, in the growing city of Huntsville Alabama. Huntsville is in Madison County and is one of the best places to live in Alabama and the 11th best place to live in America. Huntsville offers a vibrant community with a mixture of high-tech ventures, cultural diversity, and is the #1 most affordable place to live in the U.S. in 2019 out of 125 most populous metro areas.

Pay Range:


Salary to be determined by education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities of the applicant, internal equity, and alignment with market data.

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